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The natural way of milking…

Why Lely? We are committed to making robotic milking a success on your farm!

Cow Side

Lely Robot Arm• Arm remains underneath the cow and controls the entire milking process.
• Impossible for milk cups to drop onto the ground and provides for the fastest attachment.

Faster Milking

• To ensure optimal milking, ideally different settings per quarter are required.
• Lely 4Effect pulsation system can adjust pulsation settings at quarter level.


brushes• Cleans the area around the teats where teat cups can touch, as well as the bottom of the udder close to the teat.
• Better stimulation will improve the connection time, the milk speed and the robot capacity.
• Provide an effective stimulation

I-Flow Concept

iflow• Allowing the cow to walk straight in and out of the box
• Cow friendly design allows for continuous interaction with the rest of the herd


MQC Sensors

mqcParameters measured per quarter
• Milk color
• Conductivity
• Milk time
• Dead milking times
• Milk speed
• Temperature

T4C Herd Management

The milking robot's management program,
T4C Herd Management System,
provides extensive info for quicker, better decisions

T4C Dashboard• Milk color (per quarter).
• Fat/protein and lactose indication of the milk.
• Conductivity and milk temperature of the milk (per quarter).
• Rumination minutes of the cow.
• Milk production of the cow.
• Feed intake of the cow and amount of rest feed
• Milking time/dead milking time.
• Cow activity and cow weight