JUNO Feed Pusher

The Juno Feed Pusher by Lely
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Experience the JUNO Feed Pusher Advantage

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The Juno Feed Pusher Advantage means:


  • 24 hour feeding operation
  • Increase feed intake for the dairy herd
  • Improve milk production
  • More feed pushed more often with less labor
  • Improved animal well-being
Ted Domeyer

Holy Cross, IA 
150 cows
Juno Feed Pusher
Pushes 24 times/day

Domeyer Juno 300
"My feed alley is cleaner with less wasted feed. Before, with my narrow alley, I was driving on feed, and the Juno [Feed Pusher] has eliminated this issue."

Ed Putz

New Vienna, IA
120 cows
Juno Feed Pusher
Pushes 12 times/day

Putz Juno 300

"I wouldn't do it without it [Juno Feed Pusher]. Feed is pushed up everytime on time. We went up 2lbs of milk and it paid for itself"

Lance Schutte

Monona, IA
120 cows
Juno Feed Pusher
Pushes 9 times/day

Schutte Juno 300

"We purchased the Juno [Feed Pusher] for increase labor effciency. We are averaging 105 lbs. of milk per day and 60 lbs. per DMI so it is crucial to have feed accessible."

Brent Wessel

Edgewood, IA
140 cows
Juno Feed Pusher
pushes 18 times/day

Wessel Juno 300
"It totally eliminated wasted feed. The Juno [Feed Pusher] saves me time on cleaning the feed alley."